1. Service selection of desired logo and payment of 50%.


The client chooses the desired servise, then accesses to our logo form where we get informed about our client company or organizatation, about their products and services, distinguishing elements of their activity, regural customers, competitors, items to be transmitted in thier identity, preferences (shapes, colors, type styles) and other elements that clients want to be considered before we start our project. Our system will automatically send an email with the information needed to follow the order. In order to continue to the next step, the initial payment of 50% must be done. You can make it through deposit account, PAYPAL or bank transfer.



2. Creation of your logo. 


Logostudio will send a link to your private área for the creation of your logo,. With this link you can follow the journey of your logo. Logostudio will leave you messages in the same área and you can guide the designer on the right path for you.



3. Confirmation of the logo and the remaining 50% of the project.


Once the logo, of it´s complete satisfaction, reached 50% payable balance of your project. This can be done in the same way that the first payment was made. In this activity,


the sketches are sent via e-mail.



4. Receipt of final artwork in didgital formats.


Receiving your project. Within 24 hours of the entire conformity communicated in the design, the customer receives via e-mail the completed project ready to be implemented.


According to their buying choices They will make the corresponding deliveries.


The logo you receive is in the following formats;

formulario de pedido